Initial Mouse Musings

Why Disney?

Simple: I love it.

I am a literature student. I love being a literature student. I am so in love with my subject that I write papers for fun. Yes. Writing papers is fun. Granted, I have the most fun when writing on a subject I love. Hence, my Disney emphasis (though I may branch out to other loves like Harry Potter if the mood strikes me). Disney films are some of the most ubiquitous in and emblematic of our society. Though it is very tempting and easy to dismiss them as simple child's play, close examination reveals them as intricate, complex, and worthy of serious literary analysis.

Since my papers are rather extensive and verbose, I shall end my introductory remarks here. Should you wish to indulge my literary and Disney nerdiness, I appreciate it. Why write something if it is not to be read? Hope you enjoy. Hope it makes you think.