Reflecting on "Illusion: Disney Animation Through the New Key"

"Illusion" was my first official Disney paper. I wrote it for an introductory philosophy class in which we were asked to research a philosopher and their theories. Being interested in aesthetic (and being at the beginning of my academic love for Disney), I decided to research a little-known philosopher from the turn of the 20th Century named Suzanne K. Langer.

As a beginning Disney and philosophy scholar, I bit off a little more than i could chew. Rather than analyzing something according to one of Langer's theories, I essentially created my own. I studied a number of Langer's theories and combined them to form an aesthetic theory for Disney feature animation. Looking back on it, as I wrote this paper a few years ago, I barely scratched the surface with this paper.

Though I was inexperienced when I wrote this paper, it was nonetheless a critical step. "Illusion" marked my first real exercise with aesthetic theory. Additionally, it was my first academic examination of Disney. "Illusion" opened the floodgates for what was to come. I may look back on it with a little cringe, as I would probably change a lot of it now, but I look on it fondly nonetheless.